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Guitar Pro 20% off until July 5th! I hope all my guitar students take advantage of this offer.

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This is one of my cables that I use when I master music. I go from one sound cards SPDIF out to the SPDIF in of external mastering unit. I then go from SPDIF out of the mastering unit back to my sound cards SPDIF in.

S/PDIF Cable

Music Portal - Butler, Pennsylvania and surrounding Pittsburgh Area

Our goal is to promote Music, The Music Artists, Musicians, Bands, and Song writers for Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. We are set up as an Independent Label and have contacted Record Companies and Record Labels that will be monitoring our site frequently. One of our main goals is to provide our clients with Music Information to help get your music career started. As AC/DC would say, "It's a Long way to the top if you want to Rock N Roll".

Ozzy Osbourne - I don't Wanna Stop Video - Our band is working on this song and i think it is great that Ozzy and guitar player - Zak Wylde are still making music. Thanks for all the great tunes and videos. Hey, we are ready to play this song live and I can't wait to crank it live oh yeah. I would like to buy one of his guitars someday too!

Current Music Projects

I am thinking about recording Subdivisions from Rush next. As a guitar player, It is just one of those songs I always wanted to lay down the guitar tracks on. It might seem like an easy song, but take Alex Lifeson out of the mix and the song becomes a bit of a beast to remember lol. The song combines time signatures of 7/8, 4/4, and 3/4 and can get a little tricky even with the rhythm. I like the feel Alex used for the solo which is in 3/4 and It will give me a chance to practice some solo work with the 3/4 time signature. Not sure yet, but I might attempt to double the keyboard melodies too. I think it would be nice to do those with guitar and hope I don't get to many rush freaks upset at me if I do it. I played along with it about 30 times tonight. I have to be careful not to overplay the rhythm parts when I record it...I will do my best :). Cya

I recorded this song a while back but just got around to putting it on digital media. I had it on CD before, but lost the CD so I had to do it again. Anyway, it came off of an older cassette so the sound is not as pristine anymore but I hope you still like it.

The song is called "static" by the band Shot London and was recorded at Pumpkin Studio in Ohio. Listen mp3

Home Studio Projects - We have been working on our Lost Souls demo recording of Metallica's Enter Sandman. We have to finish up on a couple vocal tracks and the guitar solo.

We Also have black sabbath war pigs on the mixing board. It is just one of those songs I always wanted to record and I am having a lot of fun experimenting with it. My brother put some kick ass vocal tracks on it but we have to recut the first verse vocals. You can listen to my scratch guitar tracks if you want :). War Pigs demo by Lost Souls

Music Resources

Ok Pittsburgh, it is time to rock this town and provide a comprehensive web-site for Musicians. Lets build the community from the ground up. We will provide resources for Music Stores, Recording Studio's, Music Lessons, Radio Stations, and Web radio providing it is for our area. *Note: We only provide radio stations that will support Local Music and Un-Signed/Indie Bands.

We need help running this web-site. If you are interested in contributing, editing, and authoring this web-site, please go to our contacts page and start helping today.

Music Web-Site Sponsors

We will be running Banner Ads for any Music Related Entertainment Web-Sites that wish to help Sponsor our Music Community. We Encourage all Music and Music related web-sites to join the program. There will be two spots. 1. The Random Banner and 2. The Sponsors Page. Become a Music Sponsor. html

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