Jeff Dunsmore - Here are some of the guitars i own and like to play. Paul Reed Smith (PRS), Gibson, Carvin, Fender, Krammer, and Alvarez

Here are some of the guitars I play

I never wanted to collect guitars. I realize that all guitars sound different, and as a guitar player, I wanted to have a variety of tones and sounds for live and in the studio, so I have a few to experiment with. I still have a few guitars on my wish list, but for now I am content with the guitars I own.

Here is my guitar list: Paul Reed Smith (PRS) 24 fret custom 10 top, Gibson Studio (Custom), G&L ASAT Classic Tele (Leo Fender), Carvin, Krammer, Fender 40th Anniversary Stratocaster, Krammer American Pacer Custom II, Ibanez 570 FM (Japan), Yamaha Acoustic, and Alvarez Classical.


Cort Signature GuitarsThis might sound a little strange, but for playing live in the local clubs, I started playing a Cort MGM (Matt Guitar Murphy) guitar. Matt "Guitar Murphy is one of the guys that played on the Blues Brothers sound track etc. Anyway, for those interested in Custom Signature Cort Guitars, it is a sweet playing guitar. Yup, even Cort has a Signature Shop!!! They make some interesting guitars, but make sure you check out the Cort Signature Artist Series. Heck, some of them even come stock with EMG's (pickups). Last but not least, I was extremely surprised to see that Neil Zaza is now playing his own Custom Cort. If you have some time and want to hear some great music and watch some video's, check out the Neil Zaza site and his Signature Cort in action. I think I saw him hanging around Cleveland a few years back :)). I remember him from back when I lived in Ohio and was playing. It is great to see him doing well and also playing a cort :)).

Wishlist: Gibson Explorer, Gibson 335, Jackson Soloist (USA), and Alvarez Yairi Classical

Guitar Pictures - Click image to enlarge

Cort MGM Gibson Studio Yamaha APX-8C
Cort MGM Gibson Studio
I recorded the lost souls demo of mamma I'm coming home with this guitar for the clean and rhythm tracks
Yamaha APX-8C
It is made in Taiwan but I like it! They don't make this guitar anymore so I guess I will hold on to it. It sounds thin unplugged but I think it sounds great when it is plugged in and like it for recording.
prs 10 topprs
PRS 10 Top. Sorry about the pic, but my flash did not go off on the camera for the left pic and got flash reflection on the right. . After I recharge the digital camera I will polish my Guitar and then Try another shot at taking some more pics. A photographer I'm not! This is a tough guitar to get a good picture of without proper lighting because the guitar is a very dark rich color :).
G&L ASAT Classic Telecaster by Leo Fender
G&L ASAT Classic Telecaster by Leo Fender
Ibanez 570 FM Japan
Ibanez 570 FM sideways view Ibanez 570 FM 1980's Ibanez 570 Close Up
  I really like this guitar. I have a semour duncan in the bridge but I am thinking about putting a dimarzio breed pickup in it.  
Carvin V220 Tremolo - The "Ultimate Weapon"
Carvin v220

It is time to break out my Carvin V220 gitter again and do some shredding! The frets are a little worn but it still has a little life left in it! At our Bass players request, I will play it for our upcoming 2009 Halloween Bash with Lost Souls. He has an old bass that has a heavy metal rocken looking body shape so we will be using them on select songs at the show.

This guitar "plays itself" and for sure has a soul of its own!!! Once you do a good setup on this type of guitar your good to rock for years. It is a very solid guitar and the action on mine happens to be about 1/16 from top to bottom "although I put a little (very little) bow in my neck" on this one and it happens to be right at the 9th fret with gives it sweet tone in the middle of the guitar but allows for extreme low action up and down the rest of the guitar. I used the EXL115 Blues/Jazz Rock 11-49 strings on this one for years, but have been playing with 10-46 and not sure if my hands can roll with that size for the shows these days, so I might try to string it up with a standard 10-46 size and see how she performs :).

Pickups: well mercy, I don't even remember what pickup I put in the bridge, but they are Seymour Duncan. The neck is still the original pickup and I think it is a great pickup and also works well with my Duncan if I run the middle position or split coils. Anyone interested in the EVH Custom shop model, the "Real Van Halen model" should call Seymour Duncan directly and inquire about the low output version of the Duncan Custom Custom (LOL). I have to mention, that this pickup is not very high output and was designed for playability and tone so that you get the "feel out of your tube amp". Call them and have yours built! Anyone that owns a nice tube amp and has swapped tubes a few times should understand what I am talking about when I say, "the feel of the amp" which directly translates to the feel of the guitar and our fingers rippen them F**cking hot rodded solos!

Here is a link that talks about the pickup I am mentioning and it will keep me from typing haha.

Here is my first guitar. Thanks MOM!
Supro Guitar


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