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Here are some of our favorite music links

We are always out surfing the web and here are some of our favorite music links. All the links go to music websites. So, if you are interested in meeting some of our musician friends or want to get an idea of what type of music sites we check out, here they are.


Music Links

Hey, just to let you know, we get a couple pennies if you listen to our music on the radio stations and websites below.

  • Lostsoulsband Spotify - Put the band in as all one word to find them if you do a search for them in spotify.
  • Lostsoulsband YouTube - Here is our official YouTube channel and music video channel.
  • Lostsoulsband iHeart Radio - Here is the official page for our iHeart.
  • Lost Souls Band Apple Music - Our official Apple Music and iTunes channel.
  • Ditty Dunsmore facebook - Here is my Facebook and of course I am using my Nickname and alias.
  • Lost Souls Rocks - Here is our bands Myspace. You can listen to our music and get the latest gig information on it.
  • Lost Souls Band - Here is our official band facebook page. Make sure you like us.
  • Musicians Friend - I try to support my local music stores, but I admit, I buy a lot of things from this online music store. It is a very reputable store and I have never had a problem with them.
  • Distrokid Hyperfollow Page - Use this page to discover all the radio stations and music platforms you can find us on or to purchase our songs.

Professional Service Links

  • Web Hosting Elite - Professional musician web hosting on Linux and Windows. They allow FTP and also allow Flash so musicians can have mp3 players and flash videos.

Directory links - View a nice list of directories you can submit your site to which will help develop your web presence.

Music Web-Site Sponsors

We will be running Banner Ads for any Music Related Web-Sites that wish to help Sponsor our Music Community. We Encourage all Music and Music related web-sites to join the program. There will be two spots. 1. The Random Banner and 2. The Links/Sponsors Page. Become a Music Sponsor

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