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Record Company Pittsburgh AreaWe are working everyday with networking on the internet and finding Record Companies.

Sometimes being setup as an Independent label can have its advantages. Our goal is to open the doorway and make contact with some of the bigger and well established Record Companies. Anyway, we have managed to contact a few that are right here In good old Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and some of these guys can really help your music career get started.

Make sure you study up and learn as much as you can before contacting a Record Company or Record Label. It is much easier to get your music into the proper hands if you have a good understanding of how it all works. You can go to any local bookstore and pick up a book on "how to start your own record label". I bought mine long ago and also try to pick up the latest versions.

Sound Spectrum Radio

I just talked with EC from Sound Spectrum Radio. They are are web radio station, recording company, sound company, have their own magazine, and also promote bands and live concerts in the Pittsburgh area. I think their website needs a little work, but they have been involved in our music community for years. If your looking to expand your music career and knowledge, at the local level, as well as International, then you might want to give EC a call. I know this much, they are one of the biggest web radio stations around. They came in #1 or something for 4 months. Hey, by submitting your music CD to a radio station/record company like this means "air play"! There are a few other benefits. Not only do they play national acts that have music registered and published with companies like ASCAP and BMI etc., but they will play Indie Artists and unsigned artists as well.

Simply put, you might get 1 new fan by them playing one of your songs. They currently estimate a 6% fan base growth. In my book, every fan counts right, and 6% is great. Submitting your CD and press kit to them does not take away any rights to your music, it just gives them the right to play it! They really have a great policy in place to help us all.

Gigs, Shows, and Entertainment : They are currently setting up and running a bar in the Penn Hills area where they can showcase your band. They are booking bands 2 bands per night on Fridays and Saturdays. One of there goals is to also do Live Broadcasts of some of the shows in the future, once they get setup. If nothing else, it should be a lot of fun for all of us.

Don't take my word for it, call them and find out all the facts:
Visit there website for details:

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