Music Stores in the Pittsburgh area

Support your local music stores

If you are new to the area, this might help get you started and provide some information to some of the better established music stores in the area.

May's Music Shop
247 East Jefferson Street
Butler, PA 16001
(724) 283-5811

Fudoli Music and Repair Center
142 S Main St
Butler, PA 16001-5929
We are sorry to say this store has shut down and the owner has retired.


Music Resources

Ok Pittsburgh, it is time to rock this town and provide a comprehensive web-site for Musicians. Lets build the community from the ground up. We will provide resources for Music Stores, Recording Studio's, Music Lessons, Radio Stations, and Web radio providing it is for our area. *Note: We only provide radio stations that will support Local Music and Un-Signed/Indie Bands.

We need help running this web-site. If you are interested in contributing, editing, and authoring this web-site, please go to our contacts page and start helping today.

Music Web-Site Sponsors

We will be running Banner Ads for any Music Related Web-Sites that wish to help Sponsor our Music Community. We Encourage all Music and Music related web-sites to join the program. There will be two spots. 1. The Random Banner and 2. The Sponsors Page. Become a Music Sponsor

List your music store with us

If you are in our area and would like to list your music store on our website, pleasue use our contact page and form and submit your information.

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