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Hire the right DJ for your big wedding day

Hi, my name is Jeff Dunsmore and I have been in the entertainment business for over 20 years. I will personally assist you in finding the right DJ for your wedding day. I work with a few music and entertainment production companies in the Butler and Pittsburgh areas and only work with qualified professional Disk Jockies.

Our DJ's will deliver the ultimate song library to entertain your special wedding reception. All of our DJ's are also experienced at MCing weddings and will also help you develop your itinerary if needed. Qualifications include seasoned sound engineers, musical knowledge, and all the genres from the oldies to the latest hits.

We work with the Butler and Pittsburgh area's most experienced wedding dj's. They have been entertaining guests for over 15 years. Our DJ will take pride in preperation and careful planning when customizing your event. Your mc and dj are a vital part of your wedding reception and you owe it to yourself and your guests to have an experienced Disk Jockey to coordinate all the details for your celebration.

DJ - Wedding Package Includes:

  • A professional Disk Jockey’s for your reception
  • Consultations and meetings with your Wedding DJ can be setup at no charge
  • Pro dance lighting
  • Professional sound system
  • Songs that you choose for your Special Dances
  • Coordination with everyone involved, to let them know when one of your special dances is coming up (i.e - Photographers, caterers, wedding party)
  • We work closely with all parties, including the photographer, wedding planner, catering staff, and banquet hall staff to make sure things run smoothly
  • No extra charge from the Wedding DJ to MC the announcements
  • Your wedding DJ will take requests which will help ensure your guests have fun and will keep them on the dance floor all night long!

Please feel free to call for a free consultation - Jeff Dunsmore - (724) 256-8744

Music Resources

There are a couple other sites you visit to hear our playing. Please Visist where you can download the mp3 songs or stream them.

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