Guitar Amplifiers

Jeff Dunsmore - Here are some of the guitar amplifiers i like to play, Marshall, Line 6, Fender, Diezel, and Mesa Boogie

Here are some of the guitar amplifiers I play

I never wanted to collect amplifiers. I realize that all amps sound different, and as a guitar player, I wanted to have a variety of tones and sounds for live and in the studio, so I have a few to experiment with. I still have a few amps on my wish list, but for now I am content with the guitar amplifiers I own.

Here is my Guitar Amplifier list: Mesa Boogie Trem-o-verb, Marshall JCM 800 2203, Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10, Line 6 AX2, and Peavey Ultra 120.

Wishlist: Diezel vh4s, Mesa Boogie Road King, and Marshall Splawn (amp mod)

Guitar Amp - Sound Clip of the week - Hot Rodded Marshall JCM 800

Marshall Kerry King Amp JCM800KK Demo by Guitar World

Modern Recording: Kemper with Mesa Road King Profile by Choptones

Randy Rhoads Marshall 1959RR @ NAMM '08 Demo by Doug Aldrich

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