Sound Company - Butler and Pittsburgh Area

Professional Live Sound Engineers

We offer professional live sound to bands in the Butler and Pittsburgh area. With our state of the art equipment, our Sound Company can make your band shine. We have a couple different sound systems for you to choose from. We have all the mics, speakers, stands, cables, and power you will need. We are currently using Carvin speakers and also provide Carvin subs for that big bottom end sound. We have 2 sets of monitors for the stage. We can provide monitors on stands or floor wedges.

Our Live Sound Team also has plenty of experience running sounds for multiple bands. Please use our contact page for all inqueries and we can give you a price quote.

Music Resources

Ok Pittsburgh, it is time to rock this town and provide a comprehensive web-site for Musicians. Lets build the community from the ground up. We will provide resources for Music Stores, Recording Studio's, Music Lessons, Radio Stations, and Web radio providing it is for our area. *Note: We only provide radio stations that will support Local Music and Un-Signed/Indie Bands.

We need help running this web-site. If you are interested in contributing, editing, and authoring this web-site, please go to our contacts page and start helping today.

Music Web-Site Sponsors

We will be running Banner Ads for any Music Related Web-Sites that wish to help Sponsor our Music Community. We Encourage all Music and Music related web-sites to join the program. There will be two spots. 1. The Random Banner and 2. The Sponsors Page. Become a Music Sponsor.

Non Related - Music Web-Site Sponsor

For all Non Music Related web-site Sponsors, we will be running Random Banner Ads. The Ad will appear on "all pages outside of the Music Portal Community" and will be random per page or per refresh. Become a Non Related Music Sponsor.

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