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Guitar Lessons by Jeff Dunsmore in Butler, Pennsylvania

Learn how to play Guitar by one of the best guitar players

Hi, my name is Jeff Dunsmore and I have been playing guitar for over 30 years. I have been teaching music for over 15 years. I started playing music in my early teens and studied classic rock, blues, classical, progressive, heavy metal and neo-classical metal. I teach electric guitar lessons and acoustic guitar lessons.

I studied music at a little college called Rio Grande in Rio Grande, Ohio. After college I studied music from a great friend of mine and music teacher from GIT and then took lessons from a Berkeley School of Music Major. When I moved to Butler, Pennsylvania I took as many lessons as I could afford and took lessons from various teachers and guitar players.

As a guitar teacher, "I believe in teaching Guitar and also teaching Music". If you're serious, not only will I teach you guitar, but I will also teach you Guitar and Music Theory. My goal is to teach my students enough about Music and Music Theory so they can begin studying music on their own.

I like to teach 1 hour music lessons. I try to spend a 1/2 hour on Songs the guitar student wants to study and learn and then I spend the next 1/2 hour on Music Theory, how to practice, and setting up practice lessons. Hey this is the computer age right. So, I like to create lessons using everything from Midi jams in Cakewalk, playing scales from Midi files in cakewalk, and eventually custom Mp3 Jam sessions I have created. I created basic chord progressions with Drums, bass, and guitar tracks in various signature keys that allow my students to experiment with all the Modes and Scales.

So, if you want to "learn to burn" on the guitar and understand what you are playing, give me a call and set up a guitar lesson today.
Call or text : (724) 431-5914

My current rates for guitar instructions:
1/2 hour: $20
1 hour: $35

Guitar Lessons for Kids too

We just want to let you know that we also teach kids guitar and not just advanced guitar lessons. We have taught students as young as 6 and up to 72 so far.

Acoustic Guitar lessons

Greg Dunsmore is one of our acoustic guitar teachers. I am sure he can give some great electric guitar lessons too. Greg started playing acoustic when he was 10 years old and has been studying music ever since. Learn all your guitar chords, read tablature, read music, learn how to play full songs.

Please use our contact page for information to book a lesson.

Location: Lyndora, PA
Current rates for acoustic guitar instructions:
1/2 hour: $20
1 hour: $35


There are a couple other sites you visit to hear our playing. Please Visist where you can download the mp3 songs or stream them.

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