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Behringer mx9000 mixing console

Is your band ready to record a music demo?

So, you have a band, you have the songs written and rehearsed, and now it is time to record a demo. Our music studio can capture the sound recording for you and mix it with our Behringer MX9000. Our recording studio A is setup for 48 channels of mixing. 24 channels for the main mix and 24 more for the additional tracks, effects, midi, or digital extras. If needed or wanted, we can digitally mix and master with Sonar, Cubase, Propellerhead Record/reason, or Protools.

Our Recording Studio currently offers up to 32 tracks of digital audio recording. We have 16 tracks at 24bit and 16 tracks at 16 bit for a total of 32 tracks. One of our audio recording upgrades is now complete! We now have the ability to offer 32 tracks of recording! Our new PC is tweaked for audio and have plenty of audio software loaded up. We Can sync 16 tracks from our external digital audio recorder to the PC via SMPTE or MTC and record 16 more tracks at 24 bit with Cakewalk, Sonar, or Cubase. (The amount of PC tracks may vary due to song length)

Our Recording Studio has plenty of experience recording many styles of music. Our recording studio has recorded everything from blues, rock, heavy metal, alternative, and grunge to acoustic, country and easy listening modern day music. Our main Microphone is a condenser mic and is great for capturing vocals for guys and girls and great for vocal and instrument overdubs. It is an audio-technica 4050. We like to run the 4050 into a nice tube mic preamp which gives it a nice warm lush tone.

Recording Guitars - We like to mic up the amps, but we also have a Line 6 UX2 for you to record with and capture 24bit guitars via USB.

We also welcome you to bring any of your own digital processors you might want to use. Jeff has done a lot of direct recording with high quality digital processors and have plenty of experience using them with our recording system.

Mastering CD's: So, the recording is finished and you need a final CD Master. We have a t.c. electronic - finalizer plus in the studio. This unit gives the ability to finalize the CD project and give bands a professional radio ready mix, with professional audio levels and specs. We can master to DAT, External CD, or via SPDIF into the computer. With the t.c. electronic Finalizer PLUS or DAT, we can then use our digital SPDIF outputs to transfer the mix into the PC. This also gives us the ability to get all the songs ready for the internet without compromising quality via analog sound cards. If you choose not to use our mastering service or studio equipment, you will have the option to purchase the DAT Master for $25.00 and send it off to your favorite Mastering House.

Recording samples from our Studio

Here is a quick sample recording of a band our Recording studio mastered. Walrus listen here - This song was recorded with the same studio equipment you see in the picture below. We did use all of the bands equipment except for 1 guitar track. They used one of my marshall Jmp50 guitar amps and cabinets. We are putting up a lot of songs and bands we have recorded. We realize every band wants to hear the sound recordings and work we have done in our studio, so were putting up a lot of songs and music styles for you to listen to..

Studio equipment and gear

Recording Studio

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