Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Wanna Stop Video

Ozzy and zakk are still making great music and awesome videos

I went to the oz fest last year and it was a concert I will never forget. Sure, ozzy slurred through a couple words and lyrics but he still rocks the stadium and kicks ass live! I got a double dose of Zakk and was loven every minute of it. He played with ozzy and with his own band called black label society. What can I say about ozzy's guitar players? They were all great talented guitar players and have all influenced me. I thought when randy rhoads passed on, life was over, and then there was zakk! Our band started working on I don't wanna stop and it has really made me appreciate how these guys can write and f'n jam. I know every guitar player likes a different type of sound, but this particular sound that zakk uses on this song gives me a woody everytime I hear it :)). One other thing worth mentioning, the song has a "serious groove factor" that is sure to get everyone rockin' and putting up their horns! The drums and bass really get that tribal soul thump thang happening. Cudos once again to I don't wanna stop.

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