Guitar Lesson in G Major

G Major Scale

If you get rusty and have not played your guitar in a few days, here is a quick shred lesson to help whip you back into shape. It will also help you master the G Major scale and natural E minor scale in your upper octave.

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G Major Scale Guitar lesson
Use your Metronome

To practice this scale and really move your guitar playing to the next level make sure you practice this with your metronome. At the very least, use your drum machine and try not to get carried away and stay focused on practicing the scale. Make sure you alternate pick it and if you really want to challenge yourself after you master it starting with a down pick, try starting it with an up pick and see if you can get your speed as fast as you got it with your down!

Start out playing slow and shoot for accuracy. Play each section 10 times and for best results increase the metronome 6 clicks at a time after playing it 10 times.

Watch Guitar lesson Vid

Ok I am just starting to work on it to so don't laugh. I have this one set at a moderate tempo for me which is actually harder for me to play. I have this on at 150 with a triplet hi hat and kick on the beat. Anyway here is the G Major scale example - Watch example

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