DCM 2000 Power Amp - Clipping - Carvin

Maximize headroom on the DCM Power Amp for clean power and less clipping

Well, I just got off the phone with one of the best Carvin techs in the United States. Matter of fact, I talked directly to them over at Carvin. I called them to find out the best way to run our Carvin power amp along with our Carvin board and Carvin Speakers.

First of all, let me explain what was happening. We were getting a lot of clipping on our power amp and a lot of buzz or a blown up speaker sound through our speakers.

The Fix

Carvin immediately said, to Maximize headroom by turning the power amp all the way up. Yes, we should always run our power amps all the way up! This also presented us with a few issues that we had to adjust, such as, once the power amp was turned all the way up, we had to turn the main level on our board down a little bit and it also allowed us to turn down a lot of preamps on each of the channels which cleaned the whole system up and we now have no clipping or peaking. Thanks Carvin, Jeff Dunsmore



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