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Audio, Sound Clips, and Mp3's

Listen to music on my custom flash Mp3 player below

These are only my personal guitar scratch tracks! If you are interested in hearing the studio recordings with various artists and bands we have recorded, go back to the recording page and listen to songs directly on the page. I did this one just to archive the past and some of those old 4 track tape recordings, pc scratch tracks, and some older projects :)

Song Details

A lot of the songs in the mp3 player will have details. The details are mix notes for instruments used, recording techniques, mics, guitar processors, and even the media type the music was recorded on. Some of the songs were recorded at my house on a four track cassette, Digital recorders, calkwalk with the computer, and a few were also done in different studio's. It gives me a quick reference to how the sound was recorded just encase I want to be able to reproduce that same sound again in the future.

Pull me under - This song does not seem to stream correctly in Mozilla Firefox, not sure why, but you can use Internet explorer or manually download it. Dowload here

Band Recording Projects - Please realize, if you are looking to record in my studio to listen to the mp3player that is in the recording section of the site. The recording page only has real projects with various bands and styles. A lot of songs on this page are scratch work!

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